Hair Transplant and Hair Restoration with FUE in Turkey – Istanbul and Ankara: Affordable Hair Transplant made by professional Hair Restoration Surgeons (Physicians) – Since 2002

The Hairline Clinic (HLC) welcomes everyone to get informed about the exclusiv hair restoration services of the HLC Hair Transplant Center Turkey in Istanbul and Ankara!

The HLC Hair Transplant Center Turkey has made a fundamental approach to substantially treat hair loss (inherited balding) and achieve a higher self-esteem with every patient. As it exclusively performs FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction (Manual FUE extraction of donor hair) the Hairline Clinic – HLC intensively focusses on the latest state-of-the-art method and technique for hair transplant on men and women.

Being the medical director of the Hairline Clinic (HLC) Doctor Özgür Öztan more about Dr. Özgür and his doctor team Dr. Akin, Dr. Ali, Dr. Cengiz and Dr. Elif has started in 2002 to found the Hairline Clinic in Ankara for high-level hair transplants on patients worldwide regularly granting solid and substantial quality with outstanding results. As FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction has been characterized as the only minimally invasive technique for hair transplant ever since Dr. Özgür has been one of the pioneers around Turkey and Europe to present scarless outcomes.  Being inspired by the work of the famous hair surgeon Dr. Ray Woods he started hair transplant with FUE at the same moment as internationally awarded physicians like Dr. John Peter Cole and Dr. Jones have taken a step forward to introduce their method to the US.

Unlike numerous other clinics around Turkey the HLC Hair Transplant Center in Istanbul and Ankara is strictly following ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) terms and rules

ISHR HAIR TRANSPLANT MEMBERUnlike numerous other clinics around Turkey the HLC Hair Transplant Center in Istanbul and Ankara is strictly following ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) terms and rules.

This includes the fact that excellency and high quality may only be obtained in case the whole spectrum of every procedure will entirely be performed by experienced and talented physicians.

Being a significant reason for choosing Turkey for hair transplant the average rates for hair restoration are lower than elsewhere. As comprehensive patient care will often be neglected many clinics allow medical assistants and technical staff members to perform significant and fundamental  parts of the hair transplant process. The ISHRS (International Hair Restoration Society) intensively cares about quality in the hair restoration business and has serious concerns about increasing risks for patients whenever important steps of the procedure will be performed by unlicensed technicians or assistants. This includes the extraction process as much as the restoration process while extracted grafts are often unprofessionally relocated to the recipient site. To highly assure quality during the hair restoration process the ISHRS has recently changed its terms and rules and is only accepting members who´s clinical standards exclusively allow physicians to perform the entire hair transplant (involving the extraction of the grafts and the creation of the recipient site) on patients As many clinics and physicians have not been able to comply with these new terms of membership they had to resign from ISHRS.

The whole team of the HLC Hair Transplant Center Turkey has ever since been following this rule to entirely perform every fundamental step by experienced and talented physicians or doctors only. As being personally introduced and highly trained by Dr. Özgür himself every hair surgeon and doctor of the HLC Hair Transplant Center Turkey (Dr. Özgür and his doctor team Dr. Akin, Dr. Ali, Dr. Cengiz and Dr. Elif) has achieved a higher level of knowledge, excellency, skillfulness and experience to meet the expectations of both the patients and the ISHRS. Every physician of the HLC is personally contributing to the high standard being representative for the international recognition of the Hair Transplant Center Turkey.

Watch our numerous natural and outstanding results

Hair Transplant Turkey IstanbulThe entire team of experienced and talented doctors/hair surgeons has shown numerous natural and outstanding results over the past years being confirmed and witnessed by a large number of excellent reviews around international forums (Video Results and Reviews).

High Quality / Best standards for Hair Restoration: 
Summary of facts about the HLC Hair Transplant Center at Istanbul and Ankara / Turkey

  • FUE since 2002 > The pioneer for FUE and founder of the HLC Hairline Clinic Dr. Özgür Öztan was one of the first physicians performing FUE hair transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction) in Turkey!
  • HLC is strictly complying all terms of ISHRS: Entire hair transplant will regularly be performed by physicians / hair surgeons!
  • Every physician of the Hairline Clinic has longterm experience and is performing hair transplants at the HLC over many years. Highly trained and talented doctors will care for highest standards!
  • Manual extraction of grafts only! No use of motorized punches at the HLC!
  • „Stick and Place insertion technique“: To ensure that the graft is inserted into a well blood circulated skin opening we are using the „Stick and Place insertion technique“. This  technique is labor – intensive and time consuming, but in our opinion the chances are increased regarding to a good growth rate. Read more about „Recipient Site, Insertion and Stick and Place“.
  • Maximum workload / extraction rate of apprx. 1000 – 1500 grafts per day! Limited extraction rates will allow for intensive care and highest growing yields! Best hair count possible and low transection rates!
  • Grafts / follicular units will be extracted in several steps. A complete daily session of 1000 – 1500 grafts will be separated in two steps of 500 – 750 grafts each. Grafts will be safely extracted and relocated to the recipient site to shorten „stand-by“-time off the scalp / body. A quick connection to physical blood supply helps for better growing yield!
  • Maximum rates per hair transplant are limited to 3000-3500 follicular units for sessions over 3 days. As for intensive patient care the HLC wants to avoid the risk of unexpected skin fibrosis and physical overburden.
  • Numerous outstanding and natural results (watch our results-gallery)
  • HTTC – Hair Transplant Trainingcenter of the Hairline Clinic: The HLC and the world renowned Dr. John Cole are passing over their knowledge, experience, skillfullnes and artistry to aspiring doctors willing to become hair surgeons! International workshops being arranged by the HTTC will allow for higher education and training with FUE (read more about the FUE Hair Transplant Training for doctors and the HTTC Trainingcenter of the Hairline Clinic and Dr. John Cole)

Read more about the Facts of the HLC Hair Transplant Center Turkey

Follicular Unit Extraction FUE – Low rates and poor results vs. affordable prices and best successful outcomes 

Successful hair transplants are characterized by natural outcomes and aesthetically pleasing results on patients. Clinical standards are involving modern methods/techniques, highly trained and experienced physicians and best surgical /medical tools for hair transplant. Intensive medical care and a clinical commitment will help to achieve satisfying results. As a matter of fact a higher quality and professional success with hair transplant are often provided by some clincis abroad. This has made numerous patients to opt for a hair transplant in other countries than their home commonly offering services with lower rates. As for Turkey being a market of bargain offers hair transplant has become a lucrative business with certain risks and chances.

Dr. Özgür Öztan and the Hairline Clinic Hair Transplant Center Turkey is aware of the fact that these circumstances often appear as restricting to many patients not qualifying for expensive hair transplant with internationally noted hair surgeons. Dr. Özgür Öztan and the medical team of the HLC Hair Transplant Center Turkey have proven excellency with hair transplants for many years and intensively respect the needs of their patients. This is why they dedicated their mission to highest standards at affordable rates.

Affordable prices and best high quality at the HLC Hair Transplant Center in Turkey

Affordable rates for hair restoration and highest quality are trademarks of the HLC (Hairline Clinic) in Ankara and Istanbul. The actual rates per graft are exclusively calculated (for more info see price and cost). Due to the average labor costs and lower rental rates in Turkey hair restoration at the HLC Hairline Clinic appears as a viable option to treat hair loss with moderate prizes.

Motorized punches / Micro-motors : Lowest rates for hair transplant with motorized FUE-punches – Chances and risks

Numerous clinics and hair surgeons around Turkey effectively make use of micromotors for FUE to rapidly extract a larger amount of hair follicles and achieve higher yields per day. With motorized punches the daily workload can easily be increased by maximizing the clinical profits. As for medical care larger amounts of grafts regularly result in lower growing yields and higher transection rates. Grafts can easily be damaged or split and may affect the final outcome of the patient.

The HLC Hair Transplant Center in Istanbul and Ankara is exclusively focussing on manual extraction via FUE only as genuine craftsmanship and intensive care regularly become evident with natural and successful results on patients of the HLC. High standards and natural results may only be guaranteed with manually and delicately hand-picked hair follicles. This is one among other reasons why the Hairline Clinic (HLC) strictly refuses the use of motorized punches for the extraction process. Everyone being interested in the poor results of motorized punches is invited to watch an example of a failed hair transplant with micro-motors provided by the famous independent Hair Transplant Consultation Center „Hairforlife“ with Andreas Krämer from Germany/Switzerland at:

Professional hair-transplantation with travel companies?

A number of viable possibilities often influence the patient´s choice for a clinic or the physician when opting for a hair transplant. As for Turkey being a challenging tourist destination a number of travel agencies has recently approved of selected offers for organized beauty travels with cosmetic surgeries. A charming city and a relaxing resort with guided tours for places to see may help patients to easily vote for organized all-inclusive offers. But many people may ask themselves: Do those travel agencies honestly offer professional hair transplant?

The HLC Hairline Clinic is focusing on medical hair transplant only. Excellent care and professional surgeries ask for our full attention and exclusively reveal the competence of every specialized and highly trained physician in the clinic. As every member of the HLC Hairline Clinic genuinely believes in dedicating his entire attention to the surgical process the clinic refuses to collaborate with travel companies/agencies. The mission of the clinic and its medical director is to offer a friendly atmosphere, hospitality and professional costumer care. As all-inclusive packages for organized holiday trips are not within the spectrum of serious and high-quality hair transplants Dr. Özgür and the HLC refuse to supply further tourist demands. We kindly ask our patients for understanding as a life-changing and aesthestically pleasing result of every hair transplant ask for full professionalism and do not allow for advanced tourist services.

Full Cost Control and best Transparancy at the HLC Hair Transplant Center Istanbul / Ankara (Turkey) 

As for the number of hair follicles / grafts being extracted and transplanted via FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) at the Hairline Clinic (HLC) every patient is regularly invited for full cost control. Regarding the final invoice of every hair transplant patients may continously ask for an objective overview of the actual number of grafts being extracted. The HLC Hairline Clinic does not want to leave any doubt about the real number of hair follicles and the individual workload as transparancy is the basis for mutual trust. During every session patients are encouraged to personally recount the number of grafts / hair follicles being extracted step by step by the hair surgeons of the HLC. For more read chapter graft-control!

Confidence / References / Reviews of the HLC Hair Transplant Center in Ankara and Istanbul – Turkey

All members of the Hairline Clinic (HLC) are emphatically concerned about every patient to achieve the best result possible. Confidence in the work of the clinic and professional care are constituent elements of every hair transplant. The HLC is aware of various concerns many patients from outside Turkey have when opting for a hair transplant at Ankara or Istanbul. The HLC – Hairline Clinic has successfully gained international reputation for its outstanding results being regularly reviewed in international forums. Personal testimonies on the Internet are effectively displaying the success of our clinical professionalism. As more and more people are opting for a hair transplant at the HLC (Hairline Clinic) Hair Transplant Center in Istanbul and Ankara – Turkey we kindly invite everyone to get a closer look into our services. Dr. Özgür Öztan and his medical team are seriously concerned about remaining doubts and concerns involving deficiency in personal trust. They HLC has been trying to cooperate with internationally rewarded and noted hair surgeons worldwide. Our tight collaboration with Dr. John Peter Cole has been laying the foundation for another successful approach to gain the trust of an internationally based number of patients.

Excellent review by Hairforlife – Andreas Krämer from Germany – Switzerland


Andreas Krämer, an independent expert and consultant for hair-restoration/hair transplant is the owner of  based in Switzerland. With regular performance at popular and famous TV shows around Germany and Switzerland (e.g., ZDF, Sat 1, SWR, ARD, SF Tagesschau, Health-tv-magazine „Puls“ and Health-tv-magazine „check up“. For more see: his personal knowledge and experience has been in demand for many years. He has personally visited and evaluated the HLC and is emphatically convinced about the high quality of our hair transplant services. Hairforlife with Andreas Krämer is regularly giving good reviews about the HLC and has been adding the HLC Hairline Clinic to his portfolio after personally validating the clinical standards and final results on patients.

Turkey – Istanbul – Ankara: English speaking support for every foreign patient 

Every patient will expect a friendly atmosphere, an inviting hospitality and full costumer care during the entire stay in every clinic of the HLC. English, german or turkish speaking support will be provided in Ankara and Istanbul to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Members of the staff fluently speak English, Turkish, German (As for Germans: also visit to make your stay convenient as they will guide you through the HLC clinic and Hair Transplant Center Turkey and attend every surgery. Our aim is to make your stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible. For further contact, please click > here <.