Cost – Price

Our cost and Price for FUE at the HLC Hair Transplant Center Turkey in Istanbul and Ankara

Every rate of the HLC is exclusively calculated. Individual prices for hair follicles / grafts depend on several factors such as the patient´s approval to shave the recipient site for the placement of grafts. Further discount can be granted if patients agree to publish images (without face) or whether the clinic can define the appointment on very short-notice (e.g. in case another patient had cancelled a procedure)

– The regular price for fullly shaven FUE hair transplant is 3.00 Euro per graft (includes full shaving of the donor and the recipient site).

– The actual price for FUE hair transplant without shaving of the recipient area is 3.50 Euro per graft

– The price for BHT/Beard Hair is 3.50 Euro per Graft

Please note:

Individual discounts of 10 % are possible if the patient approves of images with or without face. Further discounts are available for patients willing to accept short-term appointments in case another patient had to cancel his hair transplant.

As for individual discounts please fill in the Consultation Form! For first patient evaluation please send an mail with significant images/pictures of your personal hair status to! We kindly ask for your understanding not to send emails with attachments larger than 10 MB each. In case images need a higher resolution everyone is encouraged to send multiple emails.

Important notes about the costs and prices: Manual extraction / removal of follicular units – No use of motorized punches / micromotors – Entire patient care – Exclusively performed by physicians – Maximum extraction rate of 1000 – 1500 grafts per day (in steps of 500 – 750 Grafts) – Stick and Place Technique

As numerous clinics around Turkey and Istanbul are exclusively providing mega-sessions for hair transplant with daily extraction rates of about 4000 grafts and more per day the HLC Hairline Clinic has deliberatly limited the maximum amount of grafts from 1000 to 1500 per day.

To effectively shorten the standy-by-time of hair follicles without blood supply every procedure will be performed in two steps of 500 – 750 grafts each. Grafts will be extracted and relocated subsequently as this will help to minimize the risks and allow for higher growing yields.

At the HLC hair follicles will solely be extracted manually with precise FUE punches as our clinical commitment does not allow the use of motorized punches / micromotors.

Every procedure is exclusively performed by physicians (hair surgeons) of the HLC. For higher demand of hair follicles due to progressive balding a maximum of 3500 grafts will be performed in 3 consecutive days.

To ensure that the graft is inserted into a well blood circulated skin opening we are using the „Stick and Place insertion technique“. This  technique is labor – intensive and time consuming, but in our opinion the chances are increased regarding to a good growth rate.

Read more about the facts and procedure of HCL and how we differ from other clinics „HLC Facts“.