Facts about HLC

HLC Hair Transplant Center Turkey Istanbul Facts
Summary of facts about the HLC Hair Transplant Center at Istanbul and Ankara / Turkey

  • FUE since 2002 > The pioneer for FUE and founder of the HLC Hairline Clinic Dr. Özgür Öztan was one of the first physicians performing FUE hair transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction) in Turkey!
  • HLC is strictly complying all terms of ISHRS: Entire hair transplant will regularly be performed by physicians / hair surgeons!
  • Every physician of the Hairline Clinic has longterm experience and is performing hair transplants at the HLC over many years. Highly trained and talented doctors will care for highest standards!
  • Manual extraction of grafts only! No use of motorized punches at the HLC!
  • „Stick and Place insertion technique“: To ensure that the graft is inserted into a well blood circulated skin opening we are using the „Stick and Place insertion technique“. This  technique is labor – intensive and time consuming, but in our opinion the chances are increased regarding to a good growth rate (read more about „Stick and Place“)!
  • As we are using finest blades for creating small incisions into the recipient area the hairline clinic succeeds in Dense Packing with a total of about 50 grafts per square-centimeter or more (read more about „Dense Packing“)!
  • Maximum workload / extraction rate of apprx. 1000 – 1500 grafts per day! Limited extraction rates will allow for intensive care and highest growing yields! Best hair count possible and low transection rates!
  • Grafts / follicular units will be extracted in several steps. A complete daily session of 1000 – 1500 grafts will be separated in two steps of 500 – 750 grafts each. Grafts will be safely extracted and relocated to the recipient site to shorten „stand-by“-time off the scalp / body. A quick connection to physical blood supply helps for better growing yield!
  • Maximum rates per hair transplant are limited to 3000-3500 follicular units for sessions over 3 days. As for intensive patient care the HLC wants to avoid the risk of unexpected skin fibrosis and physical overburden.
  • Exclusive use of high quality instruments and surgical tools only! Sharpest and precise punches made by Coleinstruments allow for lowest transections rates and help to shorten recovery time!
  • Advanced training of staff: Regular visits at Hair Transplant Congresses / Workshops, continuing education, attendance at international conferences for leading research of hair transplant techniques.
  • Numerous outstanding and natural results (watch our result-gallery)
  • HTTC – Hair Transplant Trainingcenter of the Hairline Clinic: Dr. Özgür and the HLC are passing over their knowledge, experience, skillfullnes and artistry to aspiring doctors willing to become hair surgeons! International workshops being arranged by the HTTC will allow for higher education and training with FUE (read more about the FUE Hair Transplant Training for doctors and the HTTC Trainingcenter of the Hairline Clinic with Dr. John Cole: http://www.hairtransplant-trainingcenter.com or on our website regarding Hair Transplant Training at HTTC in Turkey)
  • Specialization in Repair Hair Transplant and BHT / Beard – Body Hair Transplant (longterm experience for FUE, Repair and BHT/Beard – Body Hair Transplant)
  • English speaking patient care / support