Recipient site and insertion

Recipient Site and Insertion

There are several ways to create an opening (recipient site) at the balding area for the later relocating of grafts (insertion).

Important to know that always in our clinic all important steps exclusively performed by our doctors and not by nurses. Our doctors will extract the grafts manual and also insert all grafts personal.

„Stick and Place“ insertion technique: labor and time intensive, but for the benefit of the patient

In the HLC – Hairline Clinic in the most cases we prefer the Stick and Place Technique

With Stick and Place we ensure that the graft is inserted into a well blood-circulated skin opening. This insertion technique is very labor – intensive and time consuming.

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Dense Packing in the HLC Hair Transplant Center turkey

By using the finest instruments it is possible to place the grafts very close, see also our article Dense Packing.