Repair Hair Transplant

Repair Hair Transplant / Reasons

As for every hair transplant an exclusive consultation based on mutual trust and an intimate dialog about the goals and chances of a procedure lays the foundation for a common relationship between patient and hair surgeon. For some reasons the final results of a hair transplant often do not meet the patients´ expectations. In Turkey as well as in other countries some clinics do not keep their promises and fail with their patients´ results. Very often the final outcome appears with less density than expected and often unnatural patterns occur. A repair offers a viable option for the correction of poor results.

Next to botched surgeries some patients suffer eminently from hair loss caused by accidents, disfigured scalps, native or congenital asymmetry of hair growth or significant scarring due to outdated hair transplant techniques (e.g. old „plug“-style). Very often patients undergoing a strip surgery with the FUT-method (Follicular Unit Transplant) suffer from emotional distress as a linear scar remains visible at the back of their head being significantly exposed to public.

Patients may often benefit from repair hair transplants featuring the only option to restore hair and natural appearance and finally achieve satisfying results while abating the embarrassing condition. The clinical commitments of the HLC (Hairline Clinic) are based on the mission, that only natural and aesthetically pleasing results with optimal growth may transform the patient´s situation and allow more self-esteem.

Repair Procedure / FUE

Donor supply / donor site

Dr. Özgür and the whole team of the HLC are spending all efforts to realistically evaluate the individual prospects and chances of each patient opting for a repair hair transplant. As this is part of the procedure plan the maximum results possible have to be discussed carefully during the initial consultation. As the donor supply is regularly depleted with repair patients the adequacy of a continuing hair transplant has to be evaluated carefully. Repair procedures are a viable option only in case the donor is qualified as suitable for a satisfying result.

In case there is not abundant scalp hair available the donor sources of body hair can be evaluated carefully. As BHT (Body Hair Transplant) requires accuracy, years of experience and high skills this method is provided by only a selected number of hair surgeons worldwide. Dr. Öztan Özgür and the HLC are among few regularly achieving outstanding results and natural outcomes with BHT.

Removal of hair follicles / grafts

During many years of his surgicial practice Dr. Özgür has regularly met candidates and patients with poor and unnatural results due to malpractice being performed at other clinics. Wrongly placed hair follicles often appear with an incorrect direction of growth revealing a mismatching appearance of scalp hair.

As for the receeding hairline only single-grafts (hair follicles with one hair only) appear effective for naturally looking results. Unexperienced and unqualified hair surgeons often place multiple grafts with more than one hair in the front hairline leading to an unnatural pattern and finally revealing a patchy look with „doll´s hair“ to the public.

Patients are often suffering from great embarrassment and need a final repair procedure in which partial or even a whole removal of wrongly placed grafts will be necessary. In a second step the hair follicles will be placed carefully in the recipient site to appear naturally and aesthetically pleasing. Dr. Özgür has years of practice with repair cases and artfully performs revision hair transplants with high excellency and successful results.

Scar repair – Scar revision – Strip scars – Body Hair Transplant (BHT)

Outdated hair transplant methods like the old „plug“ style have caused patchy areas on the scalp due to oversized punch diameters and large grafts being relocated to balding areas. Resulting in disfiguring scarring the skin has been damaged strongly and generated different ranges of fibrosis. With strip surgeries like the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) a linear scar at the horseshoe shaped fringe has often caused emotional distress to many patients asking for scar revision at the HLC lately.

For scar repair Body Hair Transplant (BHT) offers a significant and promising option to camouflage posterior scalp scars. Body hair follicles being artfully placed in the disfigured area by talented hair surgeons appear entirely covering and help to make an existing scar invisible. Although the scars will not be eliminated patients can expect significant improvements and satisfying results with acceptable growing yields. As there is not an unlimited placement of hair follicles possible on scars Dr. Özgür and the physicians of the HLC will discuss and evaluate the chances of scar revision during the initial consultation. Dr. Özgür and the HLC have regularly achieved very good results with Body Hair Transplant (BHT) for scar repair.

Prospects Repair – Methods – FUE

The latest state-of-the-art method FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) offers great potential for repair hair transplant as it will help to restore a naturally looking outcome on patients. FUE (Follicular Unit Exatraction) is a minimally invasive method which allows for precise and accurat distribution of hair follicles being hand-picked by structure and diameter during the repair procedure. They will finally restore a natural and aesthetical recipient area, which has been disfigured during preceding hair transplants. With FUE the donor area will be methodically thinned out to redistribute and add extracted grafts on the scalp or disfigured areas. Single hair follicles (grafts with one hair only) can accurately be harvested to achieve a natural looking hairline and help to correct the existing mistreatments. As for manual removal of hair follicles the genuine craftsmanship and artistry of Dr. Özgür and his team becomes evident. The HLC takes greatest care for its patients during selecting, harvesting and relocating hair follicles while utilizing highly develped precision instruments to avoid further scarring. Exact punch sizes during every FUE repair transplant will help to extract matching hair follicles precisely to finally occur as a naturally looking result on the scalp.