Stick and Place

„Stick and Place“ Placement of Grafts: A labour intensiv method to the benefit of our patients  

As for the placement of grafts / hair follicles to the recipient site the HLC (Hairline Clinic) Hair Transplant Center Turkey is exclusively focussing on the „stick-and-place“-method to be savely  performed on patients. Unlike other clinics the physcians of the HLC Hairline Clinic will not start with lateral-slits being performed on the patient´s recipient site after the extraction process. The restoration of hair follicles will not be prepared by using a scalpel to create a number of 1000 in one single step. As for every graft being effectively placed to the balding area every single opening will be prepared hair by hair to safely insert the follicles immediately before the skin will start to heal. This method allows for a faster blood and energy supply to the grafts as the slits will not start to heal before the latest graft will be relocated. Despite this method requires more attention and is more time consuming our physicians still care for a successful outcome on our patients and have learned to achieve a higher growing yield.

As for the proper placement of grafts being only one among other reasons to successfully perform hair transplants on patients we kindly invite everyone to read more about all the characteristics of the HLC (Hairline Clinic) Hair Transplant Center Turkey to effectively lower the risk of failing and achieve highest growing yields. Read more at „HLC facts“!