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The above image from left: Dr. Cengiz, Assistant, Dr. Kaan, Gökhan Dogan (Clinicmanager), Dr. Özgür, Ms. Özge (Hairlinedesign and Consultation), Dr. Akin, Engin (Assistant/Back Office)

HLC Team



Above: The complete HLC team with assistants

The Hairline Clinic (HLC) in Ankara and Istanbul being successfully directed for many years by Dr. Ötzan Özgür is performing modern hair transplants on high-level standards. The spectrum of natural hair restoration services ranges from an aesthetically pleasing reconstruction of receeding hairlines, over hair transplant on complex scalp areas including the crown up to body hair transplant, which can be performed both on the scalp (BHT – Body Hair Transplant) as well as on body areas (body-to-body transplant) to achieve cosmetically satisfying results.

Our mission : The philosophy of the HLC Hairline Clinic – FUE

Genuine self-confidence and natural vitality are significantly responsible for success and reputation in every professional career as well as in private life. A head full of hair helps to figure more attractively. A higher volume of hair decisively influences everyone´s personal well-being. The Hairline Clinic (HLC) in Ankara and Istanbul has made a fundamental and promising approach for its patients to obtain more satisfaction, high self-esteem and a higher quality in life.

These aims may only be achieved by professional expertise, modern state-of-the-art techniques, highly developed instruments, personal skills and a long-standing practice. Following a voluntary commitment all members of the Hairline Clinic only determine patients eligable for hair transplant who are qualifying for promising results and fulfilling minimum requirements. Performing hair transplants with inadequate donor supply would be against the ethical rules of the Hairline Clinic (HLC) of Dr. Özgür.

Every hair transplant at the HLC is tailor-made and delicately respects the personal needs and valued the individual status of every patient. The mission of the HLC clinics in Ankara and Instanbul is to achieve a natural and aesthetically pleasing outcome on their patients and permit a short recovery time and fast healing due to the minimally invasive character of the techniques being used with highly developed equipment. A significant reduction of pain will help the patients to comfortably sit back and relax during the procedure. Comprehensive patient care throughout the whole process as well as post surgery will be provided. The HLC exclusively focuses on the FUE method (follicular unit extraction) for hair transplant represtenting the latest state-of-the-art method worldwide and resulting in scarless outcomes.

Quality assurance / Hair surgeons at the HLC

Due to a constantly rising demand for hair transplant a large number of new clinics, especially in Turkey, have started to offer an extensive spectrum of services with challenging low rates. Unlike the HLC those clinics often promise visionary and excellent results by hiding the fact that fundamental parts of the hair transplant process will be performed by medical assistants or other members of the staff. As this will intensively lower the average labor costs many clinics are able to offer hair transplants at bargain levels neglecting the most important aspect of intensive medical care.

Every hair transplant at the HLC (Hairline Clinic) will entirely be performed by professional hair surgeons only. This includes the procedure review and plan, the donor area removal, craft creation and the final relocation process at the recipient site. During none of these fundamental parts any medical assistant at the HLC will take over responsibilty of the patients´procedure as they are only allowed to assist and support the physician. This allows the HLC (Hairline Clinic) to assure and guarantee high quality throughout the whole procedure including the entire spectrum of services. Unlike many other clinics hair surgeons at the HLC will not only take responsibility for the extraction process but also perform the whole process with full attention revealing their highly specialized competence for every part of the hair restoration process.

Advanced and continuing education / Quality control / Memberships (ISHRS)

As excellency and high skillfulness may only be maintained by permanent learning and continuing education every physician at the Hairline Clinic (HLC) is regularly visiting workhops and participating in conferences and international meetings. The HLC is member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) featuring the leading authority for hair surgeons with more than 1,000 members and specialists who have dedicated their work to assure and guarantee highest quality with hair transplants worldwide.

Hair Transplant Training / Hair Transplant School / Training Center / Workshops / Aspiring doctors

In tight collaboration with Dr. John P. Cole (USA), the famous pioneer of the modern FUE-method (Follicular Unit Extraction), Dr. Öztan Özgür has established a Training Center (Hair Transplant Training Center – HTTC www.hairtransplant-trainingcenter.com) for aspiring doctors willing to become a hair surgeon (read also the article Hair Transplant Training). Special training concepts and organized workshops with hand-on-practice in contemporary techniques will help to introduce future physicians from all countries to modern hair restoration methods. Visiting doctors can attend special programmes to explore an emerging area of practice and learn about highly developed instruments / surgical tools for modern hair restoration techniques.

Complementary approaches also help to support almost practicing hair surgeons at advanced levels to improve their techniques. Dr. Özgür Öztan and the HLC is inviting international physicians for training courses to pass his high level of experience and knowledge for modern hair transplant to others. The Hair Transplant Training Center (HTTC) gives new impetus to the hair restoration business as it exclusively focuses on talented specialists and noted hair surgeons to participate in the training programmes for future physicians. Building a new cluster of international competence the HLC (Hairline Clinice) has formed a training ground for genuine craftsmanship.

Highly developed instruments / Medical tools / Surgical equipment 

High quality devices and advanced medical instruments involving the finest technology are supporting the HLC (Hairline Clinic) in Ankara and Istanbul to set new industry-wide standards for sucessful and sustainable hair transplants. The pioneering and trend-setting concept of coleinstruments allows for precise incisions at the rescipient site and artful extractions with finest punches to diligently save all grafts for the relocation process by leaving no scars behind. Every medical device and surgical tool of the HLC is at its highest level of development, allowing our hair surgeons to work with finest precision and highest accuracy. A range of selected punch sizes from 0.6 mm to 0.9 mm allow for microsurgical and precise removal of hair follicles with highest excellence.

Our Team / Medical Staff

Dr. Özgür Öztan – Medical Director


The pioneer for FUE and founder of the HLC Hairline Clinic Dr. Özgür Öztan was one of the first physicians performing FUE hair transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction) in Turkey.

Being the medical director of the Hairline Clinic (HLC) Doctor Özgür Öztan has started in 2002 to found the Hairline Clinic in Ankara for high-level hair transplants on patients worldwide regularly granting solid and substantial quality with outstanding results. As FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction has been characterized as the only minimally invasive technique for hair transplant ever since Dr. Özgür has been one of the pioneers around Turkey and Europe to present scarless outcomes.  Being inspired by the work of the famous hair surgeon Dr. Ray Woods he started hair transplant with FUE at the same moment as internationally awarded physicians like Dr. John Peter Cole and Dr. Jones have taken a step forward to introduce their method to the US. Dr. Özgür has gained high reputation in the hair transplant industry by achieving outstanding and natural results with a rising number of patients. Dr. Özgür is specially known for his talent and skills with BHT (Body Hair Transplantation) making him one of the leading experts within Europe.

Dr. Öztan Özgür > Co-Founder of the HTTC – Hair Transplant Training Center

With the internationally renowned Dr. John Cole together Dr. Özgür and other Doctors of the HLC (Dr. Akin, Dr. Ali, Dr. Cengiz, Dr. Elif) are co-founder of the HTTC- Hair Transplant Training Center in Ankara. Dr. Özgür Öztan and Dr. John Peter Cole, USA, have decided to pass along their fundamental and empirical knowledge to aspiring doctors and medical practioners to qualify for longterm and worldwide quality in the hair restoration business.

Read more about the Hair Transplant Training Center (HTTC) on www.hairtransplant-trainingcenter.com or in the article HTTC Training.

Gökhan Dogan Clinic Manager


Hair Surgeons /Doctors at the HLC

The HLC (Hairline Clinic) is currently represented by four more hair surgeons building an expert team for hair transplant:

Dr. Akin


Dr. Ali


Dr. Cengiz

Dr. Cengiz

Dr. Elif

Costumer / Patient Care 

Mr. Engin Assistant/Back Office


Mrs. Özge (hairline design / consulting)



Our Staff/Nurses











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